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Signs to look out for include bad breath, loose teeth, changes in behaviour and eating habits. If a pet’s teeth aren’t cared for it can lead to bad breath, gingivitis and a build up of infection which has been shown to affect other organs of the pet’s body which could in turn affect their overall health. Pet expert and veterinary surgeon, Pete Wedderburn said Irish people love their pets and have a strong desire to care for them. “Dogs and cats hide their pain so getting your dogs used to checking their teeth and gums regularly at home and brushing their teeth is a wonderful way to keep their gums and teeth healthier and fight gum disease. “It’s best to start when they are a puppy but it is never too late, for older dogs ensure you have a dental check for your dog followed by regular brushing at home,” he said. The ideal at home routine includes brushing a pet’s teeth regularly, with short sessions to start with.

The Goldendoodle website was the first website on the Internet to use the term Goldendoodle.

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Face markings of the second colour with the entire face coloured is highly undesirable.

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goldendoodle adoption ohio

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