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By now, I should know enough to keep track of our puppy’s every meal and footstep and bowel movement, so I can provide him with a detailed report. Instead, my answer is almost always, “I don’t know exactly. ” It's not that I don't love our little Goldendoodle — like Thomas, I’m crazy about her — but I have a more casual approach to her care. Which is where our pet parenting styles differ. When she taps her bowl with her paw, I feed her. When she stands by the door, I grab her leash for a walk. When she brings me her ball, we play an impromptu game of fetch. But Thomas aims to feed and walk and monitor her activities with such obsessive precision, it often leads me to roll my eyes. But Thomas grew up with just one pet: a giant, drooling Saint Bernard named Sam whom Thomas got for his second birthday. Sam was fed at the same time every day and taken on walks on a leash around the neighborhood. When Thomas started school, the dog waited with him at the end of the driveway for the bus each morning.

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Both Sue and Jim went to great personal sacrifice to nurture Riley early on and provide a very personal and professional experience.

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