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The ladies at the bank let Oakley come inside so they can love on him. The groomer he goes to has been in business for 10 years and says that Oakley is the best dog they have ever encountered. He will literally go from the bathing station to the drying station to the crate on command and they don't bother shutting the crate door. Even with the other dogs as distractions, Oakley stays in the crate with the door open waiting patiently for my dad to return to pick him up. We have many wonderful memories with Oakley over the years. The story that prompted me to send you this email happened yesterday.

Most "breeders" of this mix breed dog are not producing a litter with uniform looking puppies.

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Don't rush your decision just for the sake of wanting a goldendoodle!Goldendoodles will change looks as they get older, so look at pics.

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You still have to choose your breeder carefully and make sure they are performing all the required health testing, temperament testing and researching the lines thoroughly before they are breeding their dogs but in general mix breeds are genetically more sound!Goldendoodles also possess many qualities of both the poodle and golden. More…